List of Best 3G USB Modems or Data Cards in India

Few year back we were tied with cable internet at home and office but now internet free from cable and become wireless. Wi-Fi and 3G now common way to connect with internet at anytime and anywhere. 3G is new in India and It was just launched last year with promise of good speed of downloading and uploading. USB 3G data cards available in India from last 2 or 3 year and quite popular within short time of span. Last year I personally unlocked more than 1,000 USB data cards to use other operator SIM card to save internet cost as well as better data plan. Before 3G data cards CDMA data card was very popular and still popular in some area specially no 3G zone but we can hope 3G will shortly cover all the Indian states and cities with in a year. Starting 3G plans are very costly and normal guy and computer user can’t subscribe these types of costly plans. Now internet market working with heavy competition and 3G plans price going down day by day. Most of mobile operators have their own data cards to provide internet service in their circles. I always gets many calls who need to know best data card which they should buy for better speed and value of money. In my opinion only one USB data card is best in all and comes with signal enhance feature Huawei E177 from TATA Docomo (I am using it). We can use all other operators SIM cards also after unlocking. I chose it because it comes with special built-in function (Enhanced Signal Strength with Receive Diversity (Rx)) to capture better signal in low signal zone and gives u flawless speed on laptop and computer. Other Huawei USB data cards are normal and works also fine. ZTE is another popular USB data Card manufacture and Vodafone is old customer of ZTE and now selling most of ZTE manufactured USB modems in India. Indian people likes USB data card within 3.5 Mbps and 7.2 Mbps downloading speed range because these data cards are available at low cost around 800 to 1500 Rs. You can contact your local service provider or to buy all types of USB data card. My personal online store also contains large number of USB data cards and we can ship all types USB data cards all over the world. To aware my loving reader I am going to listed some of the best 3G USB Modems in India. I hope you will enjoy this guide and read it carefully before you choose a USB data card for buying.

Huawei E177 (DL 7.2 Mbps UP 5.6 Mbps)

I already told you it is the best USB data card to get good speed and internet access on internet browsing. I personally recommended this modem to all my Indian users because there are so many places of weak signal strength and weak signal directly effect internet downloading and browsing speed. Better signal gives you better speed. TATA Docomo is official provider of this modem in India. It comes with 7.2 Mbps downloading speed and supports high speed uploading too. Look wise TATA Docomo E177 have slim and stylish look and software comes with modem is easy to use and can run on all major operating systems. Once USB data cable also comes with this modem to get better signal. One external antenna port is also available on this modem to connect any external GSM antenna to get maximum signal. All these features are enough to put in list of best 3G USB modem of India.

IDEA NET SETTER E1732 (DL 7.2 Mbps UP 5.6 Mbps) and E1550 (DL 3.6 Mbps)

Idea Net Setter E1732 is another most popular USB data card in India with 7.2 Mbps downloading speed and high speed uploading 5.6 Mbps. As compared with TATA Docomo 3G E177 it is not looks slim and look like normal USB modem. But it is very easy to carry with laptop and internet surfing. Connection manager comes with Idea Net Setter can be use for voice and 3G video calling. Using USSD option you can get all the balance updates on same dashboard. Idea Net Setter E1550 also have same feature with 3.6 Mbps downloading speed but not support high speed uploading. Both modems comes with USB data cable which can help you to increase signal. All Huawei users can also use Mobile Partner witch give you some more features than normal Idea connection manager. To get more information about this modems you can visit here.

Vodafone ZTE K3770-Z (DL 7.2 Mbps UP 5.6 Mbps)

Vodafone K3770-z is recently launched USB data card for strong competition with Idea and TATA Docomo 7.2 Mbps series modems. It is beautiful modem with white and red color combination and gives you high speed downloading (7.2 Mbps) in 3G signal. I don’t like ZTE modem because they have no option to voice and video call, we can use them only for internet connection. If you are looking for any low price budget modem then Vodafone K3770-Z can be good option. Currently we are providing unlocking solution for this modem at very low cost (Call us at 90342-90269). To know your current data uses and other service Vodafone modem comes with SMS compatible software. To get latest internet plans and pack you can visit my previous written post here.

Reliance E173 and MF190 (DL 7.2 Mbps + High Speed Uploading)

Reliance currently providing their 3G circle in many states of India and gives Huawei E173 USB data card to their customer to access internet service. Reliance E173 comes with high speed downloading and uploading speed too. Look wise it is white color slim modem and easy to use with laptop and desktop computer. Along with E173 you can also buy ZTE MF190 USB data card with same Reliance with same downloading and uploading speed. Both modems supportWindows all version and Mac OS also. You can buy your choice modem according to availability on your area. ZTE modems is also good option for use 3G service and gives you same features expect voice and video calling. You can read more about these modems and download software from here.

AirTel E1731 (DL 7.2 Mbps) and E153 ( DL 3.6 Mbps )

To continue with best 3G USB modem we can’t forget about AirTel because it is India oldest GSM service provider and now working with 3G in many Indian circles. Its USB data cards not so much popular, I don’t know what is problem but I can tell you because calls I got for unlocking. AirTel available in 3G market with two USB data cards E1731 and E153. AirTel E1731 look likes and works Idea E1732 modem with same 7.2 Mbps downloading and high speed uploading. User who want to buy any budget modem they can try for AirTel E153 which available approx. with price range of 1000 to 1200 on many circles.



  1. Can I get good net surfing as well as downloading in docomo 2G using iball 3.75?

  2. Airtel data card is the best as it offers good speeds with good connectivity, moreover the packages and offers are also good in airtel. It has even launched 3G data card with both limited and unlimited packages, the unlimited package being cheaply offered than any other service.

  3. I am using reliance data card.. Its really nice.. Gives high speed internet connectivity.. I am enjoying with my net connection.. Nice post, Thank you for your effort put to write this. Really nice.

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